Appalachian Professional Tracking Group, Inc.


tracking sticks

Those who are interested can order a DaveCo Tracking Stick here.  Several APTG Instructors and members carry the DaveCo Tracking Stick and recommend it.

APTG also has the DaveCo Tracking Stick available for sale at our classes.



Students may pay their administrative fees below; or APTG can invoice your agency.



APTG training is conducted in accordance with methodology from the program developed by  Blue Line Tracking, LLC.  Students seeking certification will be certified via Blue line Tracking, LLC.  

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aptg instructors

Chief Instructors

     Randall Burleson, Master Patrol Tracker

     Mark Gleason, Master Patrol Tracker

C. Bockey, Apprentice Patrol Tracker

M. Griffith, Apprentice Patrol Tracker

K. Magalis, Apprentice Patrol Tracker

W. Underwood, Apprentice Patrol Tracker

D. Miceli, Apprentice Patrol Tracker

J. Jones, Apprentice Patrol Tracker

​All APTG Instructors are sworn Law Enforcement Officers with experience tracking in an LE environment.   

Professional law enforcement tracking training


2017 COURSE Schedule

15-16 September, APTG Basic Tracking Course for LE, Site is Hume, Virginia

If your agency has specific training needs please contact us directly to arrange training to meet your agency's needs.


what do i need for class?

  • Pencil
  • Note Pad
  • High quality flashlight
  • Small measuring tape (6')
  • 36-40" doweling rod with three castrator rings (or rubber bands)
  • Wet Weather Clothing
  • Water - (Water bladders work better than bottled water.)
  • Sack Lunch/Snacks
  • Small Backpack or a Vest with pockets
  • Open Mind and Willingness to Learn Something New


course Descriptions

Basic Tracking Course for LE

The Basic Course is the beginning course for all students in our tracking program.  The main objective of the Basic Course is to teach the student to see sign.  We also use the Basic Course to teach our program methodology, and other basic skills of a professional tracker.

The Basic Course is open to all Law Enforcement Officers.

Intermediate Tracking Course for LE

The Intermediate Course is designed for our students who have successfully and repeatedly demonstrated the skills taught in the Basic Course but are not yet certified.  The Intermediate Course introduces the tracking student to more complex sign and sign cutting as well as tracking in high risk environments which require the use of tactical maneuvers. 

A Chief Instructor recommendation is required for the Intermediate Course.  Students who desire to attend the course should contact a Chief Instructor prior to enrollment.

Advanced Tracking Course for LE

The Advanced Course is designed for students who have obtained certification in the program.  This course is designed to replicate a real world event as closely as possible in a training environment.  

The Advanced Course is solely limited to those students who have obtained certification in the Blue Line, LLC program.

​Blue Line Certification Courses

Annually APTG invites instructors from Blue Line Tracking, LLC. to Virginia to teach a certification class to those students who have been recommended by APTG for certification.  This is also an excellent opportunity for those holding certifications to be re-certified in accordance with Blue Line Tracking, LLC policy.  These classes are open to all LE regardless of training levels.  This annual class is held the third weekend in March.